1. Overview


    We are a group of physicians and scientists in the Molecular Pharmacology Program at the Sloan Kettering Institute and Department of Pediatrics at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, investigating the biology of refractory blood and embryonal cancers to improve the treatment of children and adults.
  2. DNA Transposition

    DNA Transposition and Genomic Plasticity

    Half of the human genome originates from mobile DNA elements, or transposons, but their contributions to human disease and physiology remain almost completely unexplored.
  3. Adaptive Signaling

    Adaptive Signaling

    We are advancing our recent discovery of autocrine signaling in human leukemias to investigate adaptive signaling in general, and therapeutic reactivation of tumor suppressor proteins in particular.
  4. Cancer Proteomics

    Cancer Proteomics

    Epigenetic dysregulation is becoming increasingly recognized as an important driver of human cancer. We are developing next-generation mass spectrometry methods for the discovery and drugging of non-canonical tumor proteomes.