Jul 24, 2015

Native proteome extraction using poloxamer-based adaptive focused sonication

Recent developments in quantitative high-resolution mass spectrometry have led to significant improvements in the sensitivity and specificity of biochemical analyses of cellular reactions, protein-protein interactions, and small molecule drug discovery.…

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Jul 21, 2015

Transposon mapping using flanking sequence exponential anchored (FLEA) PCR

This protocol describes a modified version of flanking sequence exponential anchored (FLEA) PCR. The original FLEA-PCR method was developed to amplify integration sites of retroviruses or retro-transposons. Such transposons contain…

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Jul 16, 2015

Meet 2015 Summer Students

[caption id="attachment_287" align="alignnone" width="720"] Conor O'Donnell (UC Dublin), Mondira Ray (Pitt), Camila Villasante (Johns Hopkins), Huong Tang (UMass).[/caption]

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Jun 22, 2015

Welcome Lauren Forbes

We are thrilled to welcome Lauren Forbes as a PhD thesis student. Lauren is a graduate student in Pharmacology, with an interest in drug design and cancer therapeutics. She obtained…

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May 29, 2015

Fabrication of Capillary Columns with Integrated Frits for Mass Spectrometry

Miniaturization of columns for liquid chromatography has greatly enhanced its sensitivity and resolution. Here, we provide a detailed protocol that describes the fabrication of fused silica capillaries with frits and their packing with…

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