• Alex Kentsis

  • Jun 08, 2021

Meet Amunet Jacobs, 2021 Gateways to the Laboratory Summer Program student

Amunet is a neuroscience student at the Agnes Scott College. After learning about our Gateways Summer Program, she fell in love with the idea of a field that would allow her to understand the mechanisms of disease and evolution, how they present in patients, and how to address their needs.

She plans to pursue MD/PhD training in developmental neuroscience and neurology, in which she hopes to examine the fundamental basis of diseases and disorders of the nervous system using human and animal models. This summer she will combine her interest in neuroscience with background in evolutionary developmental biology, to study the function of somatic DNA rearrangements in brain development and cancer.

Her goal is to become a physician-scientist to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients with psychiatric and neurological disorders. Welcome Amunet!

Amunet Jacobs