Alex Kentsis

is a cancer biologist and pediatric oncologist.


Read his academic papers on PubMed, Google Scholar, and arXiv, dissertation on ProQuest, and popular writings on Vector. In his free time, he likes to carry out elaborate experiments in the kitchen, with his kids serving as cooking research participants; some recipes on Vox Over.

Sumiko Takao

is a senior research scientist.


Sumiko received her MD and PhD from Kyoto University. She is interested in the biology and therapy of acute myeloid leukemia. Currently, she is modeling refractory childhood leukemias using genetically-engineered mouse models and developing methods for profiling and targeting leukemia stem cells.

Luz Jubierre Zapater

is a research fellow.


Luz received her B.S. in Biomedical Sciences and M.S. in Neurosciences from the University of Barcelona. She then completed her PhD at Vall d’Hebron Research Institute, where her research focused on the development of new epigenetic therapies for neuroblastoma. Her current research interests include the role of DNA transposition in solid tumors and the normal physiological function of domesticated transposases in brain development.

Ross Keller

is a research fellow.

Kentsis Lab

Ross received his BA in Biology and Chemistry from St. Olaf College. He studied tumor evolution using mouse models of breast cancer for his PhD from Penn State College of Medicine. His current interests include elucidating the mechanisms by which aberrant transposase activities initiate and drive the evolution of childhood cancers.

Danmeng Luo

is a research fellow.

Kentsis Lab_Research Fellow

Danmeng obtained her BS in Medicinal Chemistry from China Pharmaceutical University, and her PhD in Chemistry from University of Florida, where she studied with Hendrik Luesch on total synthesis and mechanisms of marine natural products. She is currently studying chemical proteomics and engineering of novel macromolecular delivery agents.

Masahiro Uni

is a research fellow.


Masahiro is a hematologist who received his M.D. and Ph.D. from the University of Tokyo, where his research focused on molecular biology of epigenetic regulation. His current research interests include defining the mechanisms of leukemogenic transcription factor control and identifying neomorphic gene products required for leukemia cell survival and targeted therapy. 

Benjamin Herzberg

is a clinical fellow.


Ben is a fellow in the MSKCC Medical Oncology and Hematology program. Before coming to MSKCC, he received his MD from the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology program and completed residency in internal medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is interested in defining cancer cell growth and DNA damage repair signaling to discover new therapeutic targets.

Yaniv Kazansky

is a graduate student.


Yaniv is an MD-PhD student in the Weill Cornell/Rockefeller/Sloan Kettering MD-PhD program. He received his B.S. in Biochemistry and General Biology from the University of Maryland, College Park where his research focused on using biomolecular NMR to study the ubiquitin system. His current interests include characterizing oncogenic protein assemblies in childhood solid tumors and leukemias for the purpose of designing novel therapeutics.

Daniel Cameron

is a research technician.


Daniel is a research technician, who received his B.S. in Biology concentrating on Quantitative Biology and Bioinformatics from SUNY Stony Brook. He is interested in computational genomics as well as the interaction between transposase activity and the DNA damage response pathway.

Shuyuan Cheng

is a graduate student.


Shuyuan is a graduate student in the Weill Cornell Biochemistry, Structural Biology, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology and Molecular Biology graduate program. She received her B.S. in Natural Sciences from Zhejiang University in China, where she studied cancer immunotherapy. Currently, she is studying mechanisms of transcription factor complex assembly and dysfunction in acute myeloid leukemia.

Jack Ralls

is a graduate student.


Jack is a graduate student in Weill Cornell’s Pharmacology program. He received his B.A. in Biochemistry from Washington University in St. Louis, where his research focused on the mechanisms of cancer metastasis. Currently, he is working on drug design and novel methods for macromolecular drug delivery.

Victor Morell

is a research technician.


Victor is a research technician who received his B.S. in Biological Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh. He is interested in microbiology as it relates to oncology as well as the epigenetics and heterogeneity of leukemia stem cells.