• Alex Kentsis

  • Jul 06, 2013

Position for a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Functional Cancer Proteomics

We are looking for a post-doctoral fellow to lead research in functional cancer proteomics. We are interested in understanding the principles of dysorganization of genomes and proteomes of acute myeloid leukemias, and determining the molecular mechanisms of response and adaptation of tumor cells to targeted therapies. To answer these questions, we are developing new approaches, based on functional genomics and mass spectrometry proteomics, to decipher the mechanisms of genomic plasticity and adaptive signaling.

This post-doctoral research position will leverage an integrated team of researchers using functional genomics and proteomics, dedicated multi-dimensional nanoscale liquid chromatographs and high-resolution mass spectrometers, and dynamic intellectual environment of the Sloan-Kettering Institute. The work will 1) develop a new instrumental platform with superior sensitivity for the analysis of non-canonical and functionally modified proteins in cancer cells, and 2) investigate the mechanisms of aberrant kinase signaling and gene expression required for leukemogenesis in primary human and genetically-engineered mouse leukemia cells in vivo.

An ideal candidate is a PhD graduate with experience in mass spectrometry and analytical chemistry, who is interested in developing an independent research programme in functional cancer proteomics.

Hands-on experience with the operation of high-resolution mass spectrometers and nanoscale chromatographs, and design of experiments using quantitative proteomics are essential. Please send a cover letter describing your interests, CV, and 3 letters of reference to Alex Kentsis, MD, PhD at the Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program, Sloan-Kettering Institute.