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Mar 12, 2017

Human PGBD5 DNA transposase promotes site-specific oncogenic mutations in solid tumors

While some human cancers occur as a result of age-dependent accumulation of genetic mutations, and others are caused by deficiencies in DNA replication or repair, the causes of many oncogenic…

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Dec 31, 2015

ProteoModlR for quantitative proteomics pathway modeling

To enable quantitative analysis of post-translational protein modifications, Paolo Cifani and Mojdeh Shakiba in the lab developed ProteoModlR, a R program for quantitative analysis of relative and absolute abundance and…

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Nov 10, 2013

Working Paper: Activity Correlation Proteomics

The identification of biologically and therapeutically relevant targets of small molecule drugs is challenging. This is particularly true for small molecules that bind to diverse proteins in cells and for…

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