• Alex Kentsis

  • Jun 22, 2023

Post-doctoral research fellow in functional protein engineering in the Kentsis Research Group at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

We are looking for a post-doctoral research fellow to join our group to develop new methods for functional proteomics and engineered therapeutics of fusion oncoproteins. Fusion oncoproteins contribute to the majority of cancers that affect young people. However, their molecular mechanisms and direct inhibitors are not defined. This project aims to make transformational advances to protein cancer biology, ideally suited for scientists seeking advanced training to prepare them for independent scientific research careers.


Details of our research group are available at Recently, we’ve used protein engineering and proteomic approaches to develop first-in-class peptidic inhibitors of transcription factor MYB (PMID: 29317678, PMID: 33527899), as well as novel methods in functional proteomics and mass spectrometry (PMID: 28821601, PMID: 31083951, PMID: 33749263). We have now extended these approaches to develop a novel peptide interference screening platform, optimally suited for the study of fusion oncoproteins and development of direct peptidomimetic inhibitors.


As a post-doctoral research fellow, you will leverage an integrated team of researchers using functional proteomics, protein engineering, diverse cell and animal cancer models, and the dynamic intellectual environment of MSK. An ideal candidate is a PhD graduate with experience in biochemistry, protein engineering, or structural biology. Knowledge of cancer biology is preferred.


Excellent communication and project managements skills are essential. New ideas and interdisciplinary approaches are encouraged. MSK and Tri-I provide a dynamic, nurturing, and inspiring training environment.


Please send a cover letter describing your interests and CV to Alex Kentsis, MD, PhD at the Molecular Pharmacology Program, Sloan Kettering Institute at